Teksty piosenek / F / Faith Evans

  Ain't Nobody

  All Night Long

  All This Love

  Alone In This World

  Anything You Need

  Back To Love

  Brand New Man

  Burnin' Up

  Can't Believe

  Caramel Kisses

  Come Over

  Don't Be Afraid

  Don't Cry

  Do Your Time

  Everything (Interlude)

  Faithful (Interlude)


  Faith (Interlude)

  Faith (Intro)

  Fallin' In Love

  Give It To Me

  Heaven Only Knows

  I Love You

  Keep The Faith

  Lately I

  Life Will Pass You By

  Love Can't Hide

  Love Don't Live Here Anymore

  Love Like This

  Love Song (Interlude)

  My First Love

  Never Gonna Let You Go

  No Other Love

  No Way


  Soon As I Get Home

  Special Place (Interlude)

  Stay (Interlude)

  Sunny Days

  Tears Away (Interlude)

  Thank You Lord (Interlude)

  Where We Stand

  You Are My Joy (Interlude)

  You Don't Understand

  You Gets No Love

  You Used To Love

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