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Faction - Being Watched

Tekst piosenki:

It's late at night
  The house is dark
  The t.v. glow won't let me sleep
  A noise is heard
  I'm filled with fright
  The doors are locked
  I'm sure I'm sure
  A feeling hits me
  What's going on
  Did that shadow move or was it me
  Is this real
  Am I asleep
  What was that
  I check the phone, no it's not dead
  That would suck there's no one to call
  Those horror movies play with my mind
  It might be a burglar, or even worse
  I can see it now in tomorrow's paper
  "Boy axed to death while alone at home"
  The thing I'm scared of is being scared
  Courage prevails
  I'll check it out
  Feeling down the hall
  for the switch
  The light comes on but there's nothing there
  That window's open now what do I do
  Did the psycho enter here or not at all
  A slow pace draws me to the window
  I shut it tight and draw the shade
  I turn around silhouette slams door
  I freeze in terror, a light clicks on
  I wake in shock stiff as a board
  It feels like spiders are in my bed
  Ten minutes later I start to breath but I'm being watched.

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