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Faction - 100 Years War

Tekst piosenki:

Amidst the burning rubble the spirit still lives on
  To rise above all poverty, to rise above all wrong
  No one needs your bloodied sword, I'll get what's truly mine
  Bullets of hate kept in your hands, they'll burn a hole in time
  Rebel against all hate and tell the story straight
  We are no more noble than our words
  Be true to your beliefs, don't do wrong and then retreat
  Cuz action leads to triumph in this world
  One hundred years of death will end, then the black death will begin
  Peasants rise to slay a knight, whose wife must taste his sin
  In the tree he hangs alone, helpless and aflame
  A feast of bones and melting flesh, his children scream his name
  The passing of this life will teach to none be ever true
  Realize fate is in your hands and you alone control its moves.

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