Teksty piosenek / F / Face To Face

  1,000 X

  14 Hours

  Anybody Listening?


  A ok


  As forever as you

  A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

  Bad Reputation

  Best Defense

  Big Choice

  Big choise


  Bill of Goods


  Bottle Rockets


  Chesterfield King







  Don't Change

  Don't Turn Away

  Double Standard

  Do You Care?


  Everyone Hates A Know-It-All

  Everyone hates a know it all

  Everything Is Everything

  Everything's Your Fault


  Fight or Flight

  Graded on a Curve


  Hand out

  Hear of hearts

  Heart Of Hearts




  How to Ruin Everything


  I Know What You Are

  I Know You Well

  I'm Not Afraid

  I'm Trying

  In a Big Country

  In Harm's Way

  It's Not Over

  I Used To Think

  I Want

  I Won't Lie Down

  Just Like You Said



  Maybe Next Time


  Merry Christmas

  Nearly Impossible

  No Authority

  Not Enough

  Not For Free

  Nothing New

  Nothing Succeeds Like Success



  Out Of Focus



  Planet Earth

  Planet Of Sound

  Popeye The Sailor Man

  Private Hell



  Put You In Your Place

  Questions Still Remain


  Road of The Righteous

  Run In Circles


  Shame On Me

  Shoot the Moon


  So long


  Sunny Side Of The Street

  Take It Back

  Talk Talk

  Telling Them

  That's Entertainment

  The Compromise

  The devil you know

  The Devil You Know (God Is A Man)

  The KKK Took My Baby Away

  The New Way

  The Take-Away

  The take away

  The World in Front of You

  Think For Yourself

  Tommy Gun




  Waiting to be Saved

  Walk Away

  Walk The Walk

  Wasted Life

  What Difference Does It Make?

  What's In A Name?

  Why Would I Lie?

  You Can't Change The World

  You Could've Had Everything

  You Lied

  You've Done Nothing

  You've Got A Problem

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