Teksty piosenek / E / Extreme

  2 Weeks in dizkneelande

  All automatic

  Am I Ever Gonna Change

  And the winner is

  Better Off Dead

  Big Boys Don't Cry

  Christmas time again

  Color Me Blind



  Cupid's Dead

  Cynical Fuck

  Decadence Dance

  Don't Leave Me Alone


  Fair Weather Faith

  Fallen angels

  Fine by me

  Flesh 'N' Blood

  Flesh n blood

  Get The Funk Out

  God Isn't Dead

  Got to have you


  He Man Woman Hater

  Hip Today

  Hole Hearted

  Hop the train

  Hotel asylum


  It ('s A Monster)

  I wanna be your friend

  I wonder


  Kid Ego

  Leave Me Alone

  Li'l Jack Horny

  Little Girls

  Love is a cigarette

  Love of my life


  Money (In God We Trust)


  More Than Words


  Mutha (Don't Wanna Go To School Today)


  Never Been Funked

  Nice Place To Visit

  No Respect

  Note on the screen door

  Our Father

  Over & out

  Paint the town red

  Peacemaker Die

  Play With Me



  Pursuit of happiness

  Rest In Peace

  Rise 'N Shine

  Rise n shine

  Rock A Bye Bye

  Seven Sundays


  Sex in a jar

  Shadow Boxing

  Smoke Signals

  Song For Love

  Stop The World


  Suzi (Wants Her All Day What?)

  Swollen princess

  Teacher's Pet

  Tell Me Something I Don't Know

  The air that you breathe

  There Is No God

  The temp

  Too late

  Tragic Comic

  True love in the galaxy


  Waiting For The Punchline


  Watching, Waiting

  What you want

  When I First Kissed You

  When I'm President

  When Will It Rain

  Where Are You Going

  Who Cares?

  Wind Me Up


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