Teksty piosenek / E / Everon

  Across the land

  A day by the sea

  Already dead

  And still it bleeds

  Back in sight

  Black river






  Face the world

  Fine with me




  Half as bad


  If you were still mine

  In all that time

  Information overdose

  In silent grace

  It almost turned out right


  Lame excuses

  Marching out

  May you

  Men of rust

  Missing from the chain

  Missing the last train

  Not for sale

  Not this time

  Of blue

  Open windows


  Perfect remedy

  Pictures of you

  Private warriors

  Real me



  Restless heart

  Right now


  Simple truth

  Ten years late

  The real escape

  The river

  Travelling shoes

  Under skies

  Until the day breaks

  Very own design

  What do we know

  Whatever it takes

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki