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Everlast - The rythm

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   The rythm is both the songs manicle and it's demonic charge charge
  The rhythm(20x)
  I'm Everlast born to be a caucassion but it makes no difference what persuasion you are
  As long as you know how to get up on the floor and start workin' a sweat
  To a musical measure that makes you move as soon as the needle drops into the groove
  So get up and dance to the gift I'm giving, forget about your troubles get into the rhythm
  Talking 'bout the rhythm (all we need is rhythm)(10x)
  Yo, yo, you know what the world needs...we need peace, rhythm
  The rhythm(10x)
  You linger for the rap singer, when Donald D brings the party to the deal my presence is felt world wide
  You don't dance to this it's suicide
  Put your hands into the air on, the M.C. cop, the girlies are pipen' hot
  Natorious Lama is how I'm livin' don't step to me step to the rhythm
  (Talking 'bout) the rhythm(10x)
  You make me feel so good
  Like I said before the world needs a lot more rhythm
  Talking 'bout the rhythm
  Talking 'bout the rhythm
  Talking 'bout the rhythm
  Talking 'bout the rhythm
  Talking 'bout the rhythm
  Listen to the tracks that rolls, watch the mic as it glows
  The lethal weapon got you trapped in this dance mode
  Ice-T's throwin' words at you like dodge ball y'all
  You gotta move get hit, if you get hit, you fall, no jokin', no boastin' and no bragging
  Grip the mic like a .44 magnum, dust you off if you suck 'cause I ain't
  You want me to write soft rhyme's, sorry, I write the rhythm
  (Talking 'bout) the rhythm(10x)
  We need rhythm for the world to have peace and unity, we must first have rhythm

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