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Everlast - Speak no evil

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   Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
  I'm in the studio with my brother, the half Asiatic
  You know the fraction of black skin and a smide of white
  It's my brother Kool Nick and we about to drop some science on the this track
  About God and what not and the world so...
  Step up and bow your head, be greatful your hungry for knowledge
  I'm serving a plate full of twelve-course meals and a black plate of wax through MC's
  Sit back and relax, try to digest the data that I fed you
  I'm actin' reactin' this way 'cause I'm bred to the color of my skin
  Something I take pride in, still my people insist on hidin' behind the American Dream
  And it's like the home of the free and mom's apple pie
  I thought this was a meltin' pod, I guess not
  King stuck up for his rights and got shot
  Yeah, I speak no evil
  Yeah, I speak no evil
  Yo, Nick do me a favor, man, step up
  This world is crazy it must be sick
  Be like Nick and get ricious real quick
  Jews, Muslims, Buddah, Baptists
  Protistants, Merry Christmas Catholics
  See salvation every pinch of rhyme is from my heart
  And I meant this, Jesus, scattered his blood for me
  He hung on a cross, yo, you know that story
  Nowadays a lot of people are trying to worship Satan
  But your gonna fry in hell, I'm never burning up
  The forcast, no change in weather
  Damn the Devil would never twist this mind with the mark of the beast or the 666
  Thank God there no one equal, that's why I say no evil
  Thank God there no one equal, that's why I say no evil
  Listen to the story of my savor and how he gave up life so you can live
  That's a hell of a gift to give, kick it E
  Now as I take a look around I don't see many people down
  With my cars, ha, that's scary, tryin' to diss the son of Mary
  You being Lord so take the bait and fall into the trap of Satan
  Then your life's over with no sequal, that's why I speak no evil
  Then your life's over with no sequal, that's why I speak no evil
  Yo this is weird rhymin', strange brothers are gettin' shaked on the streets with gold chains
  Some smoke crack, cocaine, and jumbo gettin' fried
  When they talk mumbo, how can this be, society
  I front the place where none of us want to be, people gettin' judged by the color of skin tone
  It wasn't like this way back with the Flinstones
  Some times I get kept back because I'm half black
  People can't accept that, yo, accept me for what I am
  What did I do, becasue none of us give a damn
  All they want is to drive a Mercedes, half a million dollars
  And live like the Brady's
  But anyways time is winding, not grinding
  Look in your heart and start finding peace and love
  No matter what your grade is understand the knowledge at hand and believe this
  I speak no evil
  Word up, we got my Ma Lofy in the house
  Man, my boy Chris, my brother Low-Dog
  My brother Bry, my lady T
  Yo, we got Shawny, yo what's up
  My brother E over there, Ha ha ha you know I speak no evil
  I'd like to send a shout out to the almighty supreme being, God
  We out, the half Asiatic

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