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Everlast - Hot To Death

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We're gonna be breakin' it down (Yeah!)
  You gotta know the feel
  You gotta know the life
  You know what I'm sayin' (Hey!)
  I said what's goin' wrong
  You know it just ain't right
  Tell me who be loud
  When the spark ignite
  Now from the break daylight
  To the fall of the sun
  You gotta pick your fight
  It's time to choose your gun
  Front to back
  Right to left
  Keep it live all night
  Make it hot to death
  Get your heart pumpin' like some crystal meth
  Keep it live all night
  Make it hot to death
  Well...Hey...Tell me who's your God
  Does he make a lotta dough
  I'm gonna take you higher
  Or to the fire below
  Guns to roses
  Abraham to Moses
  Daylight exposes what the night conceals
  Let's break these seals
  And get this thing started
  Some be out classed
  Some be out smarted
  Some be over bound by the blindin' rays
  I hear the whisper in the night
  Get trapped in the maze
  See back in the days
  When I was juvenile
  I dreamed of rockin' on the mic
  In a brand new style
  Now I'm shakin' these bones
  Tryin' to get these shoes
  Outbidded major crews
  I'm paid crazy dues
  Now I'm speakin' on you
  They just slept on me
  And rumors start spreadin'
  Just like a disease
  I'll have you down on your knees
  Below the spot ground zero
  Turn brown and burn down Rome just like Nero
  A hero ain't nothing but a
  Don't make me say it again
  Don't make me say it
  That's what I'm sayin'
  That's what I'm sayin'...

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