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Everlast - Death Comes Callin'

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A yes yes y'all
  It's too fresh y'all
  A little b-boy blue
  You know it's too beucou
  I've been from New York to Cali
  Spent two days in the valley
  And I think I'm 'bout to lose my mind
  And if I think 'bout it one more time
  I'm a blow my stack
  See ya out the back
  Give me some room that I can breathe in
  Now I'm a start weavin' spells like a wizard
  King of the lizard
  My mojo's risin' like my nature should
  Not everybody can relate to hood
  But I used to roll with high frequency
  Had a habit of juvenile delinquency
  If y'all could see all the things I did
  When I was a kid
  Ya might flip ya lid
  'Cause...When I was the age of one
  My father gave me my very first gun
  When I was the age of two
  I was pullin' out records with the SD Crew
  And when I was the age of three
  I had all the maddest fishes swimmin' after me
  And when I was the age of four
  I was bustin' out shows with the rhymes galore
  [CHORUS (X2)]
  I say day to the night
  Night to the day
  Up around where I stay
  We do things this way
  You got to watch how you act
  And watch what you say
  'Cause their ain't no stallin'
  When the death come callin'
  [CHORUS II (X2)]
  The man that lives by the pistol
  Dies by the smokin' gun (gun)
  I think I hear a steam whistle
  Lord, when my train gonna come
  Yo, all you duns packin' guns
  Fightin' for ones
  It's time to get these hons
  Start raisin' some sons
  Plant your seed in some fertile soil
  And watch me start bubblin'
  Like I'm 'bout to boil
  Like Olive Oyle love Popeye
  Just won't stoppa
  I got to keep rockin'
  Ticks keep tockin'
  Time keeps slippin'
  My mind keeps trippin'
  I'm in the road less traveled
  Sure got lotta stones
  [CHORUS (X2)]
  Watch me break it down
  There's a red house yonder
  Just over the hill
  With my name carved into the window sill
  I think I'm gonna burn it down
  Yeah, I think I'm gonna burn it down
  That's what me and my old woman used to say
  We used to lie in bed and make love all day
  Now I think I'm gonna burn it down
  Yeah, I think I'm gonna burn it down
  Yeah, I think I'm gonna burn it down to the ground
  [CHORUS II (X2)]

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