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Everlast - 7 Years

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It's been seven years down the road
  I got no more tears that are left to flow
  When I did my baby wrong
  She left me lonely for so long
  Now I'm out here all alone
  Lord, won't you please bring my baby home
  [CHORUS (X2)]
  Lord, won't you please...bring my baby home
  Lord won't you please bring my baby home
  It go one for the treble
  Two for the bass
  Used to mess with this girl
  Way back in the day
  She was from the PJ's
  And she went both ways
  Yeah, the girl was a freak
  I used to call her Monique
  And before I even speak
  About knockin' the boots
  I say her name been changed to avoid lawsuits
  So now we gettin' down to the nitty of the gritty
  She brought her friend around
  And damn she was pretty
  Betty was twisted
  She said her number was listed
  They grabbed my love two fisted
  Hugged it and kissed it
  They say one in the hand
  Is worth two in the bush
  But when shove came to push
  Yo, I had my own theories
  World Series of love
  It's two on one
  Till I got caught with the smokin' gun
  His wife came home
  And she bursted in
  Now I'm lookin' for my heart
  Like I'm made from tin
  The road that I travel
  Ain't got yellow bricks
  My old woman jinxed
  That all men are pricks
  And she flipped the script
  She's puttin' lip to lip
  And every time I think about it I just lose my grip
  'Cause I've been up
  And I've been down
  And I've been fast
  And I've been slow
  And I've been square
  And I've been round
  And I've been high
  And I've been low
  And I've been cool
  And I've been calm
  And I've been kind
  And I've been crass
  I held the whole world right in my palm
  I tried to spread it around
  But it sure went fast
  Seven years sure have flown by
  I got no more tears and they are left to cry
  When I did my sugar bad
  I lost the best thing I ever had
  And now I'm out here on my own
  Lord, won't you please bring my baby home
  [CHORUS (X2)]
  Bring my baby home...

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