Teksty piosenek / E / Eve 6







  Arch Drive Goodbye

  At Least We're Dreaming


  Bring The Night On


  Foiled Again

  Fooling Yourself

  Friend Of Mine

  Girl Eyes


  Good Lives

  Here's To The Night

  Hey Montana


  How Much Longer

  Indian Giver

  Inside Out

  I Touch Myself

  I Touch Myself

  Jesus Nitelite

  Jet Pac

  Jibba This

  Leaving On A Jet Plane

  Leaving On A Jet Plane




  Nocturnal Emission

  Not Gonna Be Alone Tonight

  On The Roof Again

  Open Road Song




  Saturday Night


  Small Town Trap

  Still Here Waiting

  Sunset Strip Bitch

  Superhero Girl

  There's A Face

  Think Twice

  Think Twice

  Tongue Tied

  Without You Here

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