Teksty piosenek / E / Evanescence


  Anything for you



  Away from me

  Away From Me

  Before The Dawn


  Breathe no more

  Breathe No More (2001 - 2002 Demo)

  Bring Me To Life

  Bring Me To Life

  Bring me to life


  Even in death

  Even In Death

  Everbody's fool


  Everybody's Fool


  Exodus (1997 - 1998 Demo)

  Fall into you

  Farther away

  Farther Away

  Field of innocence

  Field Of Innocence

  Fool no more

  Forever Gone, Forever You

  Forgive me

  Forgive Me

  Give Unto Me

  Going under

  Going Under




  Heart-shaped box



  Hell's angel

  I believe in you




  Imaginary (Origin)

  I must be dreaming

  I've never been here before




  Lies (remix)

  Listen To The Rain


  Missing (2001 - 2002 Demo)

  My Immortal

  My Immortal

  My Immortal

  My last breath

  My Last Breath



  Sad movies always make me cry

  So Close



  Somebody like you

  Sunday bloody sunday


  Taking over me

  Taking Over Me

  The last day

  The rainy life with you




  Understanding (Wash It All Away)

  Where will you go

  Where Will You Go




  Why not


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