Teksty piosenek / E / Europe

  All or nothing

  Bad blood



  Coast to coast

  Dance the night away

  Danger on the track


  Final Countdown

  Final countdown

  Girl from lebanon

  Got your mind in the gutter

  Halfway to heaven

  Heart of stone


  I'll cry for you

  Just the beginning

  Let the good times rock

  Lights and shadows

  Little bit of lovin

  Love chaser

  Lyin eyes

  More than meets the eye

  Never say die


  On the loose

  Open your heart

  Prisoners in paradise

  Ready or not

  Rock the night

  Scream of anger

  Seventh sign

  Sign of the times



  Talk to me

  The final countdown

  The final countdown (deutsche)

  Till my heart beats on your door

  Time has come


  Tower's callin

  Treated bad again

  Wasted times

  Wings of tomorrow

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