Teksty piosenek / E / E-Type


  Angels country

  Angel's crying

  Arabian star

  Back in the loop

  Banca banca

  Calling your name

  Campione 2000

  Do you always

  Fall from the sky

  Fight it back

  Forever wild

  Free like a flying demon

  Here i go again

  Hold your horses

  I just wanna be with you

  I'll always be around

  I'll find a way

  I'm falling

  I'm not alone

  I've got life


  Morning light


  Princess of Egypt

  Russian lullaby

  Set the world

  So dem a com

  So far away

  The explorer

  This is the way


  Until the end

  Walk away

  We gotta go

  When religion comes to town

  Will i see you again

  You know

  You will always be a part of me

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki