Teksty piosenek / E / E-Rotic

  All i desire

  Angel eyes

  Angel's Night

  Angel's night

  Baby please stop

  Bad boy

  Big Max

  Big Max

  Billy jive

  Cat's eye

  Chico chaco

  Come On Make Love To Me

  Come on make love to me

  Crying like a child

  Dance with the vamps

  Do it all night

  Don't go

  Don't make me wet

  Don't say we're through

  Don't talk dirty to me

  Dr Love




  En mon coeur

  Erotic Dreams

  Erotic dreams

  Falling For A Witch

  Falling for a witch

  Final heartbreak

  Fred Come To Bed

  Fred come to bed



  Fritz Love My Tits

  Fritz love my tits

  Get away

  Gimme Good Sex

  Gimme good sex

  Give a little love

  Give me delight

  Gotta get it groovin

  Got to get it right now

  Hearts are a changing

  Help Me Dr. Dick

  Help me dr Dick

  I'm horny

  In the dark of the night

  Is it you

  It's just a little flirt

  I want you

  Jonny Y

  King Kong

  Kiss me

  Lay back


  Love And Sex Are Free

  Love and sex are free

  Makin love in the sun

  Mambo no sex

  Manga maniac

  Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex

  Max don't have sex with your ex

  Mi amante

  Missing you

  Molly Dolly

  Move me baby

  My heart goes boom boom

  Oh Nick please not so quick

  Ooh la la la

  Ralph don't make love by yourself

  Rock me baby


  Save me

  Send me a message of love

  Seven seconds away

  Sex machine

  Sex Me

  Sex me

  Sex on the Phone

  Sex on the phone

  Sexual healing

  Sexual madness

  Shag me



  Skin to skin

  Take My Love

  Take my love

  Talk To Your Girl

  Talk to your girl

  Tears In Your Blue Eyes

  Tears in your blue eyes

  Test my best

  The Power Of Sex

  The power of sex

  The winner takes it all

  Untouchable feeling

  Veejay the dj

  Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi

  Voulez-vous coucher avec moi

  When i cry for you



  Wild and strong

  Wild Love

  Wild love

  Willy Use A Billy...boy

  Willy use a Billy boy

  Wish you were here

  You give me all i desire

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