Apollo interlude

  Boon dox

  Brothers from brentwood L.I.

  Brothers on my jock

  Can't hear nothing but the music

  Check 1, 2



  Cummin at cha

  Do it again


  Dungeon master

  For my people

  Funky piano

  Get off the bandwagon

  Get wit this

  Give the people

  Gold digger


  Head banger

  Hit squad heist

  Hold me down

  House party

  I'm Housin

  I'm mad


  It's going down

  It's my thing

  It wasn't me, it was the fame


  Jane 2

  Jane 3

  Jane 5

  Jane 6


  Knick knack patty wack

  Last man standing

  Let the funk flow


  Mr. Bozack

  Never seen before

  Nobody's safe chump


  Play the next man

  Please listen to my demo

  Put on


  Rap is outta control

  Richter scale

  Right now

  Scratch bring it back


  Strictly business

  Strictly snappin necks


  The big payback

  The fan

  The funk

  The joint

  The steve martin

  Total chaos

  U got shot


  Who killed Jane

  Who's booty

  You gots to chill

  You're a customer

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki