Teksty piosenek / E / Emiliana Torrini

  10 to 20

  7 Up days

  Asking for love

  At least it was

  Baby blue

  Blame it on the sun


  Chelsea morning

  Come out

  Crazy love

  Dead things


  Find it



  Frank Mills

  Gollum's song


  Honeymoon child


  If you go away

  I hope that i don't fall in love

  I'm a bad luck woman

  Io e te

  I really loved harold


  Next time around

  Nothing brings me down

  Ruby tuesday

  Sea people


  Sound of silence

  Stephanie Says


  Summerbreeze (deutsche)

  Sunny road


  To be free

  To be free (deutsche)

  Today has been ok

  Tuna fish

  Unemployed in summertime

  Wednesday's child

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