Teksty piosenek / E / Embrace

  3 Is a magic number

  All you good good people



  Brothers and sisters

  Butter wouldn't melt

  Come back to what you know

  Come on and smile

  Don't turn your back on love

  Drawn from memory

  Dry kids

  Feelings i thought you shared


  Free ride

  Get on board


  Happiness will get you in the end

  Happy and lost

  Hey what you trying to say

  Higher sights


  If you feel like a sinner

  If you've never been in love with anything

  I had a time

  I hope you're happy now

  I know what's going on

  It's gonna take time

  I've been running

  I want the world

  I wouldn't wanna happen to you

  Last gas

  Liars tears

  Like a believer

  Love is back

  Make it last

  Many Will Learn

  My weakness is none of your business

  New Adam new Eve

  Now you're nobody

  One big family


  Perfect way



  Save me


  Still so young

  Tap on your shoulder

  That's all changed forever

  The first cut

  The good will out

  The last gas

  The love it takes

  The way i do



  Wouldn't wanna happen to you

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki