Teksty piosenek / E / Elliott

  Alchemy As A Rhythm

  As Arson

  Away We Drift

  Beijing (Too Many Pepole)


  Bleed In Breathe Out

  Blessed By Your Own Ghost

  Blue Storm

  Calm Americans

  Calvary Song

  Carry On

  Carving Oswego

  Dionysus Burning

  Drive On Me

  Dying Midwestern

  Every Train That Passes

  Halfway Pretty

  Halfway Pretty (Acoustic)

  Land And Water

  Lie Close

  Lipstick Stigmata


  Safety Pin Explanation

  Second Story Skyscraper

  Shallow Like Your Breath

  Song In The Air

  Speed Of Film

  Suitcase And Atoms

  Superstitions In Travel

  Ten Cent Inquiry

  The Conversation

  The Watermark High

  The Watermark High

  Waiting While Under Paralysis

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