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Ella Blame - How Things Have Changed

Tekst piosenki:

I forgave you and I know
  You forgave me, too.
  We had much time to think about,
  And I know it's true
  That I do love you.
  We are not perfect
  Although we really try.
  We believed not to be
  Strong enough to
  Live without a lie.
  We are just human beings
  And should give our best
  Not to destroy our feelings
  Because what'll be the rest
  We would leave over?
  I'll try not to hide myself
  Behind my second face
  And I hope you'll beside me.
  There is a lot of space
  For all the two of us.
  Come, come, come,
  Home to me.
  Come, come, come,
  Home to see
  How things have changed.

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