Teksty piosenek / E / Element 101

  20 Years In The Making

  A Faithful Fascination

  A Galaxy Apart

  Angel Blue Eyes

  A Song

  A Wish For You

  Between Now And Then

  Dead Romance Language Club

  Fade Away

  I'm Like A Bird

  In My Heart And On My Mind


  Just To Like You

  Keeping Secrets

  Leaving Me Before The Spring Semester

  Love Has No Sound

  My Darkest Night

  Only In Pictures

  Preconceived Notions

  Private Conversations

  Skyline Silhouettes

  Some Chances Are Worth Taking

  Something Like A Dream

  So Unpredictable

  Standing On The Edge Of Night

  Stop Breathing

  The Fragile

  This Time Around

  Today And Always

  To Whom It May Concern

  Under The Ocean

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