Teksty piosenek / E / Eightball

  All 4 nuthin

  All on me


  Anotha day in tha hood

  Armed robbery

  Ball and bun

  Ballin g's

  Bounce wit me

  Break a bitch college

  Buck bounce

  Coffee shoppe

  Coming out hard


  Don't 4 get

  Down and out

  Do you really

  Friend or foe

  Get it crunk

  Hands in the air

  Holla back

  I don't wanna die

  If i die

  In the wind



  Lay it down

  Let's ride

  Like dat

  Listen to me now

  Live this

  My first love

  My homeboy's girlfriend

  Niggaz like us

  Nobody but me

  No mercy

  No sellout

  Not tonight

  Paid dues


  Playerz night out

  Pure uncut

  Pure uncut remix

  Put tha house on it

  Put your hands up

  Reason for rhyme

  Slab rider

  Space age 4 Eva

  Space age pimpin


  Stompin and pimpin

  Stop playin games


  Throw your hands up


  We started this

  Witcha lookin ass

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