3 Speed

  A daisy trough concrete

  Altar boy

  Ant farm

  Are you and me gonna happen

  Baby genius

  Bad news

  Beautiful freak

  Birdgirl on a cell phone

  Bright as yellow

  Bus stop boxer

  Cancer for the cure

  Cheater's guide

  Climbing to the moon

  Daisies of the galaxy

  Dark end of the street

  Dead of winter

  Dog faced boy

  Dog's life

  Efil's god

  Electro shock blues

  Elizabeth on the bathroom floor

  E's tune

  Everything is gonna be cool this christmas

  Fitting in with the misfits



  Fresh feeling

  Friendly ghost


  Funeral parlor

  Going to your funeral part I

  Grace kelly blues

  Guest list

  Hello cruel world

  Hospital food

  I like birds

  I Need Sleep

  I need some sleep

  It's a motherfucker

  I've been kicked around

  Jeannie's diary

  Jennifer eccles

  Jungle telegraph

  Last stop - this town

  Looking out the window with the blue hat on



  Mockingbird Franklin

  Mr. E's beautiful blues

  My beloved monster

  My descent into madness

  Not ready yet

  Novocaine for the soul


  Packing blankets


  P.S. you rock my world

  Rags to rags

  Selective memory

  Something is sacred



  Strawberry blonde

  Susan's house

  Teenage witch

  That's not really funny

  The medication is wearing off

  The sound of fear

  Tiger in my tank

  What is this note

  Woman driving, man sleeping

  Wooden nickles

  World of shit

  Your lucky day in hell

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki