Teksty piosenek / E / Edguy

  All the clowns

  Angel rebellion

  Another time

  Arrows fly



  Das reh


  Down to the devil

  Eyes of the tyrant


  Fallen angels

  Falling down

  For a trace life


  Frozen candle

  Golden dawn


  Heart of twilight

  Holy shadows

  Holy water

  How many miles


  In another time (deutsche)



  Key to my fate

  King of fools

  Land of miracles

  Lavatory love machine

  Life and times

  Misguiding your life


  Nailed to the wheel


  New age Messiah

  No more foolin

  Out of control


  Painting on the wall


  Power and majesty

  Rise of the morning glory

  Roses to no one

  Sacred hell

  Sands of time

  Save us now

  Scarlet rose

  Steel church

  Tears of a mandrake

  Theater of salvation

  The devil and the savant

  The headless game

  The healing vision

  The kingdom

  The pharaoh

  The piper never dies

  The savage union

  The spirit will remain

  The unbeliver


  Under the moon

  Until we rise again

  Vain glory opera

  Wake up the king

  Walk on fighting

  Wash away the poison

  We don't need a hero

  When a hero cries

  Wings of a dream

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