Teksty piosenek / E / Edge Of Sanity


  Across the fields of forever

  A curfew for the damned

  After afterlife

  Angel of distress

  Beyond the unknown

  Black tears

  Bleed you dry

  Blood colored

  Blood of my enemies

  Born, breed, bleeding

  Burn the sun

  Cold sun

  Criminally insane




  Dead but dreaming

  Dead i walk

  Decepted by the cross

  Demon i



  Enter chaos


  Feedin the charlatan

  Forever together forever

  Hell is where the heart is

  Hell written

  Helter skelter


  Human aberration

  Immortal souls

  Impulsive necroplasma

  Incipience to the butchery


  In the veins

  Invisible sun

  Livin hell

  Losing myself


  Maze of existence



  No destiny

  Not of this world

  Of darksome origin

  On the other side




  Sinner and sadness

  Song of sirens


  The bleakness of it all

  The day of maturity

  The dead

  The last song

  The masque

  The sinner and the sadness

  The unorthodox


  Uncontroll me

  Velvet dreams

  Waiting to die

  When all is said

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki