Teksty piosenek / E / Earth Crisis


  All out war

  Arc of descent


  Behind the wire


  Born from pain

  Breed the killer

  Broken foundation

  Cease to exist

  Cling to the edge


  Death rate solution


  Destroy the machines

  Drug related homicide


  Edens demise

  End begins


  Fate of the neo gods

  Filthy hands to famished mouths


  Forced march

  Forgiveness denied


  Gomorrah's season

  Gomorrah's season ends

  Hair trigger

  Inherit the wasteland

  Into the fray

  Killing brain cells

  Mass arrest


  Morality dictates

  Names carved into granite


  New ethic

  One against all



  Situation degenerates


  Smash or be smashed

  Stand by

  Sunshine of your love

  The discipline

  The wrath of sanity


  Unseen holocaust



  Wrath of sanity

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