Teksty piosenek / D / Dwarves

  Action Man

  Anybody But Me

  Anybody Out There

  Back Seat of My Car

  Better Be Women

  Blag the Ripper

  Blood Brothers Revenge

  Cain Novacaine

  College Town

  Dead Brides


  Detention Girl

  Don't Love Me

  Drug Store

  Eat My Dinner

  Everybody's Girl

  Evil Primeval

  Flesh Tantrum

  Free Cocaine

  Fuck Around

  Fuck Em All

  Fuck You Up and Get High

  Fukkin Life

  Gash Wagon

  Get Pregnant

  I Will Deny

  Johnny Glue

  Let's Fuck


  Love Gestapo

  Lucky Tonight

  Mined Expanders

  Monday Blues

  New Orleans

  Nobody Likes Me

  One Time Only





  Saturday Night


  She's Dead

  Skin Poppin' Slut

  Smack City

  Sometimes Gay Guys Don't Wear Pink

  Speed Demon

  The Ballad Of Vadge Moore

  The Crucifixion Is Now

  Three Seconds

  Throw That World Away



  We Must Have Blood

  What Hit You

  Who's Fucking Who

  Wish that I was Dead

  You Gotta Burn

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