Duncan Sheik - Memento

Tekst piosenki:

  I'm threading through the evening
  it's later than I thought
  a friend of mine is waiting
  for cigarettes I brought
  she smiles she seems so tired
  so nothing is required
  I reach into my pocket
  some things she left behind
  nothing really happens
  in ways I can't define
  loose talk of hearts and heads
  of sleep in other beds
  it's better left unsaid
  she says that she is cold
  I wish that I could hold
  but no,
  how can you hold a soul?
  you just can't hold a soul
  that shines like gold
  she shines like gold
  I will, I won't, I would
  I've said more than I should
  she leaves she goes uptown
  she may not come back down
  she may not come back down
  she may not turn around
  she may not make a sound
  she may not come back down

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