Teksty piosenek / D / Dr. Hook

  Acapulco goldie

  A couple more years

  A little bit more

  All the time in the world

  Angela's eyes

  Baby makes her blue jeans talk

  Bad eye Bill

  Before the tears

  Better love next time

  Beware of lovers

  Blown away

  Body talking

  Bread upon the water

  Bubblin' up

  Carry me, Carrie

  Chained to your memory


  Come on in

  Cookie & Lila

  Cops & Robbers

  Cover of the rollin' stone

  Devil's daughter

  Do downs

  Doin it

  Don't give a dose to the one you love most

  Dooley Jones

  Do you right tonight

  Everybody loves me

  Everybody's makin' it big but me

  Feels good

  Fire in the night

  Four years older than me

  Freakers ball

  Get my rocks off

  Girls can get it

  Hearts like yours and mine

  Help me mama

  Here come blues again

  Hey lady Godiva

  Hold me like you never had me

  I can't say no

  I can't touch the sun

  I couldn't believe

  I don't feel much like smilin

  I don't want to be alone tonight

  If i'd only come and gone

  I gave her comfort

  I got stoned and missed it

  I'll call that true love

  I'll kill you

  I'll put angels around you

  I'm a lamb

  I need the high

  I never got to know her

  I've been him

  I wanna make the women tremble


  Jungle to the zoo

  Kiss it away

  Knowing she's there

  Lady sundown

  Layin too low too long

  Let me be your lover

  Let me drink from your well

  Let the loose end drag


  Life ain't easy

  Lonely man

  Lookin' for pussy


  Love monster

  Make it easy

  Makin it natural

  Makin love & music

  Mama i'll sing one song for you

  Monsterey Jack

  More like the movies

  Mountain Marie

  Ninty Nine & me

  Oh Jesse

  Only sixteen

  On the way to the bottom

  Pity the fool

  Pleasure & pain

  Put a little bit on me

  Queen of the silver dollar

  Queen of the silver rings

  Rings of grass

  Rock radio station

  Roland the roadie & gertrud the groupie

  Scum of the earth

  Sexy energy

  Sharing the night together

  Sleeping late

  S.O.S. for love


  Staying song

  Storms never last


  Stuck on the wrong side of love

  Sweetest of all

  Sylvia's mother

  That didn't hurt too bad

  That plane

  The ballad of

  The cover of the

  The last mornin

  The millionaire

  The radio

  There's a light

  The things i didn't say

  The turn on

  The wonderful soup stone

  Turn on the world

  Ugliest man in town

  Up on the mountain

  Walk right in

  What about you

  What a way to go

  What do you want

  When Lily was queen

  When she cries

  When you're eighteen

  When you're in love

  Who dat


  Years from now

  You ain't got the right

  You can't take it with you

  You make my pants

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