Teksty piosenek / D / Dream Theater


  About to crash

  A fortune in lies


  A mind beside itself

  Anna Lee

  Another Day

  Another won

  Another world

  As I am

  As I Am

  A vision


  Beyond This Life

  Blind faith

  Burning my soul

  Carpe diem

  Caught In a Web


  Fatal Tragedy

  Finally Free

  Funeral for a friend

  Goodnight kiss

  Hollow Years


  Innocence Faded

  Just let me breathe

  Learning To Live


  Lifting shadow off a dream

  Lifting Shadows Off A Dream

  Light fuse and get away

  Lines in the sand

  Losing time

  March of the tyrant

  Metropolis-Part1"The Miracle And The Sleeper"

  Metropolis-part I


  New millenium

  One Last Time

  Only a matter of time

  Perfect strangers

  Peruvian skies

  Pull Me Under





  Solitary shell

  Space Dye Vest

  Status seeker

  Strange Deja Vu


  Take away my pain

  The crimson sunset

  The great debate

  The killing hand

  The Mirror

  The ones who help to set the sun

  The rover

  The Silent Man

  The Silent Man

  The test that stumped them all

  The way it used to be

  Through Her Eyes

  To live forever

  Too far

  Under A Glass Moon

  Vital star


  Wait For Sleep

  War inside my head

  Where are you now

  You not me

  Your majesty

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