Teksty piosenek / D / Don Henley

  All she wants to do is dance

  A month of sundays


  Building the perfect beast

  Come rain or come shine

  Damn it rose

  Dirty laundry

  Drive with your eyes closed

  Everybody knows

  Everything is different now

  For my wedding

  Gimme what you got

  Goodbye to a river

  How bad do you want it

  I can't stand still

  If dirt were dollars

  Inside job

  I will not go quietly

  Johnny can't read

  Land of the living

  Last worthless evening


  Little tin god

  Long way home

  Love rules

  Man with a mission

  Miss ghost

  My thanksgiving

  New York minute

  Nobody else in the world but you

  Shakey ground


  She's on the zoom

  Sometimes love just ain't enough

  Sunset grill

  Taking you home

  Talking to the moon

  The boys of summer

  The end of the innocence

  The genie

  The heart of the matter

  The last worthless evening

  Them and us

  The unclouded day

  They're not here, they're not coming

  Through your hands

  Walkaway Joe

  Watching tv

  Workin it

  You better hang up

  You can't make love

  You don't know me at all

  Your not drinking enough

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki