Teksty piosenek / D / Dogwood




  A Hope Unseen

  All Hands On Deck

  As The World Burns


  Belligerent Love

  Bill Mahoney's Baby

  Bored Games

  Building A Better Me


  Cheat Me

  Come Back Down

  Comes Crashing

  Confusion Zero

  Conscience in a Cave



  Daddy Dearest

  Doesn't This Remind You Of Me

  Do or Die

  Everything Dies In Time


  Family Values

  Feel The Burn


  For What it's Worth

  Good Ol' Daze

  Good ol daze


  Great Literature

  Home Is Here

  In The Line Of Fire



  Just Because

  Keep In Touch

  Label Me


  Last of the Lost

  Left Out Cold

  Liquid Lines

  Lonley Road

  Matt Aragon

  Matt aragorn

  More Than Conquerors

  My Best Year


  Never Die

  Never Die

  New School Hymn

  Nothing Is Everything

  Nothing New

  Old Friends

  Out Of The Picture


  Patriotic Pride

  Point Counterpoint

  Preschool Days

  Preschool Days

  Preshool days



  Redefined Defiance

  Redefine defiance

  Rest Assured


  Selfish Americans

  Simploid Creations


  Social Security

  Someone See

  Someone sees

  Stairway To Hell

  Stairway to sin




  Sunsets Are But Once A Day

  The bad times

  The Bad Times (Reprise)

  The Battle of Them Vs. Them

  The Good Times

  The Pain Is Gone

  There's Room For Everyone

  The Rise And Fall Of Belinda And Ivan

  The rise and fall of Ivan and Belinda

  Through Thick And Thin


  Trailer Full of Tragedies


  Truth About It Is

  Tune In Tomorrow

  We Cry Victory

  We Have No Talent

  What I Should Have Said

  What Matters

  Who Am I To Say Who Deserves What?

  Your Tongue Is The Deadliest

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