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Divit - Violet

Tekst piosenki:

Midnight, another movie and a glass of wine
  To get the feeling right
  It's not the perfect moment cause' I've seen this one
  But I still like the story
  Then I start to close my eyes,
  so very soothing the sound of white noise
  A cello in disguise, playing softly to a sweet voice
  Everyday is getting better
  And I cannot wait to send a letter
  And a resume to the director
  Of this lovely play
  How do I get a part?
  Sunlight, another headache and a sleepy eye
  To start the morning right
  It's not the perfect motion but it keeps the line
  From moving side to side
  What a wonderful surprise,
  while I'm I reading these crazy headlines
  Coffee for some life and a smoke ring for a new rhyme
  I'm getting closer every time to taking home the prize
  Quiet footsteps till' I'm there, I've got it locked up in my stare

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