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  Age Of Spitting

  Am I Missing Something


  Behind Curtain #

  Black And White Can't Capture Red And Blue

  Black Eye

  City Bleach

  Clap and Cough


  Dreamt This Was a Castle

  Everybody Everybody

  Half Fiction

  Half The Time

  Harder To Tell

  Her Last Day

  History is History


  Is It Ok

  It's Been Years


  K.V. T-Shirt

  Lights Out

  Malarie's Mission

  Math Won't Miss You


  Miller St.


  Most Brutal Criminal

  No Surprise

  On the Counter

  Pocket Bomb

  Portrait of a Cigarette

  Slant Invention

  Sleeping Motor Boy

  Stale Laughter Fake Smile Soup



  Successfully Delirious

  Television Kiss

  The Kill Fix

  The Sun Comes Up

  The Usual Bad

  Tomorrow Will Be

  Torn Jeans

  Toxic Home

  Waiting By The Wayside

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