Teksty piosenek / D / Dilated Peoples

  100 Dollar bag




  Defari interlude

  Ear drums pop

  Ear drums pop (remix)

  End of the time

  Expanding man

  Expansion team theme

  Global dynamics


  Hard hitters

  Heavy rotation

  He main event

  Live from Copenhagen


  Night life

  No retreat

  No retreat (remix)

  On deadly ground


  Pay attention

  Phil da agony interlude

  Proper progaganda

  Reservation for one

  Rework the angles

  Right and exact

  Right on


  Search 4 bobby fisher

  Self defense



  Target practice

  The last line of defense

  The main event

  The platform

  The platform (remix)

  The shape of things to come

  Third degree

  This way

  Trade money


  Triple optics


  Weed vs. beer

  Work the angles

  Worst comes to worst

  Years in the making

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