Teksty piosenek / D / Diesel Boy

  3's & 4's


  About A Girl That Don't Want Me

  Adria's Warhol

  A Literary Love Song

  All About The Abes

  All The Mayors Of Roadsville

  Andy Stern

  A Thousand Cigarettes

  Big Sparkling New

  Bossa Nova

  Boxers Or Brief

  Chin Music


  Cock Rock

  Cooler Than You


  Dear John

  Dog On The Tuckerbox


  Drink It Down

  Emo Boy

  Endless Summer Days

  Fiona's Apple


  From The Used Bin

  Groovy Chick

  Happy Street

  Lime Green

  Me And Kate

  Melanie Banks Where Can You Be?

  Pocket Full Of Stars

  Punk Rock 101

  Punk Rock 201

  Punk Rock Girl

  Real Life In The Big City

  Rock Anthem

  Rubbing The Elf

  Saving The World

  Schmooziphisus The Great

  She's My Queen

  Shining Star

  Sleepy Soliloquy

  Song For The Kids

  Stroking My Cat

  Tangled Up And Blew

  The Continuing Misadventures Of Generation X Super

  Three States Away

  Titty Twister

  True Drew


  Waltz Of A Dissapearing Girl

  Warm Beds, Cold Winters

  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

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