Teksty piosenek / D / Descendents

  80's Girl






  Can't Go Back




  Christmas Vacation

  Clean Sheets

  Coffee Mug


  Days Are Blood




  Eunuch Boy

  Everything Sucks


  Get The Time

  Global Probing

  Good Good Things


  Hateful Notebook

  Hey Hey



  I Don't Want To Grow Up

  I Like Food

  I'm Not A Loser

  I'm Not A Punk


  I'm The One

  In Love This Way

  It's A Hectic World

  I Want To Be A Bear

  I Won't Let Me

  Jealous Of The World

  Jean Is Dead

  Kabuki Girl




  Mr. Bass


  My Dad Sucks

  My World

  No! All!

  No FB


  Pep Talk


  Ride The Wild


  Rotting Out


  She Loves Me


  Silly Girl

  Sour Grapes

  Statue Of Liberty

  Suburban Home

  Thank You

  This Place






  When I Get Old

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