Teksty piosenek / D / Demon

  A step too far

  Beyond the gates

  Big love


  Blackheath intro

  Cold in the air



  Deliver us from evil

  Don't break the circle

  Expressing the heart

  Father of time

  Fever in the city

  First class

  Fool to play the hard way

  From the outside


  Grown ups

  Have we been here before

  Heart of our time


  High climber

  Into the nightmare


  New ground

  Night of the Demon

  Nowhere to run

  One helluva night

  One small step


  Ride the wind

  Sign of a madman

  Strange institution

  The grand illusion

  The link - part I

  The only sane man

  The plague

  The spell

  The writings on the wall

  Total possession

  Touching the ice

  Victim of fortune

  Walk in your own light


Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki