Teksty piosenek / D / Death

  1,000 Eyes

  Altering the future

  A moment of clarity

  Baptized in blood

  Bite the pain

  Born dead

  Choke on it

  Crystal mountain

  Defensive personalities

  Denial of life


  Empty words

  Evil dead

  Flattening of emotions

  Forgotten past

  Genetic reconstruction

  Individual thought patterns

  Infernal death

  In human form


  Killing spree

  Lack of comprehension

  Left to die


  Living monstrosity

  Low life

  Mentally blind



  Nothing is everything

  Open casket

  Out of touch

  Overactive imagination


  Perennial quest

  Primitive ways

  Pull the plug

  Regurgitated guts

  Sacred serenity


  Scavenger of human sorrow

  Scream bloody gore

  Secret face

  See through dreams

  Spirit crusher

  Spiritual healing

  Story to tell

  Suicide machine


  The flesh and the power it holds

  The philosopher

  To forgive is to suffer

  Together as one

  Torn to pieces

  Trapped in a corner

  Vacant planets

  Within the mind

  Without judgement

  Zero tolerance

  Zombie ritual

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki