Tekst piosenki:

Hangin' out in the commode
  Listening to Depeche Mode
  You look like some kind of toad
  Why are you a moron?
  Got a skateboard "gnarly rad"
  With money from your mom and dad
  Take a bath 'cause you smell bad
  Why are you a moron?
  Walkin' down on old South Street
  Say "Hello" to the kids you meet
  If knowing you is such a treat
  Then why are you a moron?
  Got kicked out of public school
  Make a waste of our gene pool
  Face it asshole, you're a fool
  Why are you a moron?
  "I'm starin' at a wall doin' nothin' at all
  Gotta get out a' here I could use some beer
  Wish I could get some beer
  I could use some beer tonight"
  In and out of trendy clubs
  With a pair of dayglow gloves
  You're the only one you love
  Why are you a moron?
  Tell us you've got somethin' to say
  Then bore us with your anarchy
  We just wish you'd go away
  Why are you a moron?
  A trendy loser's what you are
  It's your scene and your it's czar
  I'd like to see you covered with tar
  Why are you a moron?
  Creeps like you should be wiped out
  You've got a face just like a trout
  Listen to everybody shout
  Why are you a moron?
  "I'm followin' the trends 'cause I wanna
  have some friends. I wanna be somebody.
  Don't wanna be nobody, I wanna be
  somebody. I wanna be with someone tonight"
  I swear that you are Hitler's clone
  You spread disease wherever you roam
  Got the brains of a garden gnome
  Why are you a moron?
  Voted for Reagan not once but twice
  Think that Jerry Falwell's nice
  Do you keep your brains on ice?
  Why are you a moron?
  In the end you're all alone
  No one calls you on the phone
  Got no job you've got no home
  Why are you a moron?
  Hangin' out in the commode
  Listenin' to Depeche Mode
  You look like some kind of toad
  You're just a fuckin' moron!
  "I'm freezed up inside. All my brain cells
  have died. I'm gonna get out a' here. I'm
  gonna get out a' here. I'm gonna get out
  a' here. I'm gonna get out a' here tonight."

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki