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DEAD MILKMEN - Laundromat Song

Tekst piosenki:

  Soap and quarters and bleach and laundry
  Are words I use at the laundromat
  Reading the news, and watching the people
  That's what I do at the laundromat
  At the laundromat my heart grows fat
  Ah Ah
  As my clothes get dry I stop and sigh
  Ah Ah
  Dreaming -- Screaming
  There's a girl washing her clothes
  I'm in love but nobody knows
  She looks sixteen or seventeen
  My mind grows dirty when my clothes get clean
  She's so young and tall
  Ah Ah
  I'm gonna give her my all (or Borax)
  Ah Ah
  Dreaming -- Screaming
  I'm not a subtle guy
  I'll go to her and sigh
  "If I don't see you again my love
  I must surely die."
  Dreaming -- Screaming
  Clothes go round and round
  And my heart goes up and down
  She's drying her jeans
  In separate machines
  She's loading up her granny cart
  Ah Ah
  Goin out the door; it's breaking my heart
  Ah Ah
  Dreaming -- Screaming

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