Teksty piosenek / D / DEAD MILKMEN / If I Had a Gun


Tekst piosenki:

Would I be amused
  Would you be impressed
  That I had the power
  To put a hole into your chest?
  When the kids are crying
  And the welfare check's been spent
  Would I rob a liquor store
  To get some money for the rent?
  If I had a gun
  Would I start smoking Marlboros?
  Would I stop smoking Kents?
  Would I gain some new respect?
  Would I gain some confidence?
  Would I suddenly go crazy
  And shoot my family?
  And see myself years later
  On some crime show on TV
  If I had a gun
  Would I wear it in a holster?
  Would I keep it concealed?
  Would I put it on the table
  Every time that I'm misdealed?
  When I hear a nearby gunshot
  When I'm up at night alone
  Would I feel a little safer
  Here in my urban home?
  If I had a gun

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