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DEAD MILKMEN - How It's Gonna Be

Tekst piosenki:

Start off in the womb, yeah, where it's nice and warm
  Things are lookin' good, then it's time to be born
  Doctor pulls you out and slaps you on the butt
  And before you know it your umbilical cord is cut
  Drag you from your mama, wheel you down the hall
  Room full of babies, who just lie there and bawl
  Lyin' in a diaper, feelin' like a fool
  Things'll get much worse when it's time to go to school
  You're crammed into a classroom with 30 other kids
  Good you get nothing - bad you get hit
  Nobody likes you and the classroom is cold
  Stuck with a textbook that's 35 years old
  Bullies beat you up, teacher puts you down
  Sittin' in the corner don't dare make a sound
  If you learn one thing, better learn to curse
  'Cuz from now on, life gets even worse
  Now that you are 30, better get a job
  You will buy a house, you will buy a Saab
  Get up in the morning, you will feel like dyin'
  As the years go rollin' by, you will lose your mind
  You were once a young man, now you're turnin' grey
  Listening to people talkin' 'bout the Judgment Day
  Now you've retired, goodbye to the job
  And you've lost your teeth, goodbye corn-on-the-cob
  Look back on your life and all the things you did
  Standin' in the yard, yellin' at the kids
  Now you're kickin' back, you don't have a care
  Time to see the world from your Craft-matic chair
  You'll move to Arizona where all the old folks go
  You will vote Republican, you'll see UFO's
  Then one day you die, find yourself in Hell
  With the lake-o'-fire and that awful brimstone smell
  You were really good, but you weren't good enough
  Living ain't so easy, dying's really tough
  Now look around, see how it's gonna be
  Yes, my friend, you're screwed for all eternity

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