Tekst piosenki:

Life sucks, then you die
  And your soul gets sucked into the sky
  Birds sing, I wonder why
  You eat a bowl of cereal and sigh
  You're late for your class
  You're walkin' the halls without a pass
  Big deal [x2]
  Time flies, time crawls
  You're a prisoner trapped between its claws
  Life sucks, sometimes
  You gotta learn to live between the lines
  Your feet are on the ground
  But the world keeps spinning you around
  Big deal [x3]
  Don't be worried, don't be down
  I'll be your stupid happy clown
  Keep your chin up in the air
  Shake your body like you just don't care
  Birds sing, babies cry
  Life sucks and then you die
  Big deal [x3]

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