Teksty piosenek / D / Dead Can Dance


  American dreaming

  Anywhere out of the world

  A passage in time


  Black stream

  Black sun

  Can you feel it

  Death will be my bride

  Don't fade away

  East of eden


  Enigma of the absolute


  Fortune presents gifts

  Happy time

  How fortunate the man with none

  I am stretched on your grave

  I can see now

  I leave you

  I must have been blind


  In power we entrust the love advocated

  In the Kingdom of the blind

  In the wake of adversity

  Labour of love

  Largo (Handel)




  Mourmer rose

  No reason at all



  Saturday's child



  Song of Sophia

  Song of the dispossessed

  Song of the stars


  Tell me about the forest

  The arcane

  The captive heart

  The cardinal sin

  The carnival is over

  The human game

  The trial

  The ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove

  The wind that shakes the barley


  Voyage of bran

  Wild in the woods



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