Teksty piosenek / D / David Gray

  4 A.M.

  A century ends

  All the love

  As i'm leaving


  Babylon (deutsche)

  Be mine

  Birds without wings

  Brick walls

  Can't get through

  Can't stand the confines


  Coming down

  Dead in the water



  Easy way to cry


  Falling down the mountainside

  Falling free

  Faster, sooner, now

  Flame turns blue


  Folk song

  Forever is tomorrow is today


  Gathering dust

  Gutters full of rain

  Hold on to nothing

  If your love is real

  It's all over

  It's not easy to be me



  Last boat to America

  Late night radio

  Lead me upstairs

  Let the truth sting

  Lights of London

  Living room

  Long distance call


  Love's old song

  L's song

  Lucky bags


  Madder rain

  Made up my mind


  Mighty wrong time

  Monday morning

  My oh my

  Mystery of love

  New horizons


  Nowhere to hide

  Only the lonely

  Pale blue eyes

  Please Forgive Me

  Real love

  Roots of love

  Sail away

  Say hello wave goodbye

  Sell, sell, sell


  Silver lining


  Tell me more lies

  The dark hills

  The light

  The other side

  The rice

  This year's love

  Tidal wave

  Tired of me


  We're not right

  What am i doing wrong

  What are you

  What it is

  What should it matter

  When i'm gone

  White ladder


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