Teksty piosenek / D / Dar Williams

  After all


  All my heroes are dead

  And a god descended

  Another mystery

  Are you out there


  As cool as i am

  Better things

  Bought and sold

  Calamity John

  Calling the moon

  End of the summer


  Farewell to the old me



  Flinty kind of woman

  If i wrote you

  I had no right

  I love, i love

  In love but not at peace



  It happens every day

  It's a war in there

  I won't be your Yoko Ono

  Mark Rothko song

  Mortal city

  My friends

  O Canada girls

  Party generation

  Playing to the firmament

  Play the greed

  Road buddy

  Southern California wants

  Spring street

  Teenagers, kick our butts

  The babysitter's here

  The beauty of the rain

  The blessings

  The christians and the pagans

  The great unknown

  The ocean

  The pointless, yet poignant, Crisis of a co ed

  This is not the house that pain built

  This was Pompeii

  Traveling again

  We learned the sea

  What do you hear in these sounds

  What do you love more than love

  When i was a boy

  When sal's burned down

  Wilder than her

  You're aging well

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