Teksty piosenek / D / Dark Tranquillity

  22 Acacia avenue

  A bold of blazing gold


  At loss for words

  Atom heart


  Away, delight, away

  Beyond enlightenment

  Cathode ray sunshine



  Crimson winds

  Damage done

  Day to end

  Dissolution factor red


  Dreamlore degenerate


  Ego drama

  Emptier still



  Feast of burden

  Final resistance

  For cortex




  Hours passed in exile

  I, deception

  Indifferent suns

  Insanity's crescendo

  In tears bereaved


  Midway through infinity

  Monochromatic stains

  My faeryland forgotten

  Nether novas

  Nightfall by the shore of time

  Not built to last

  Of chaos and eternal night

  Of melancholy burning

  On your time

  Punish my heaven



  Scythe, rage and roses

  Shadow duet

  Shadowlit facade

  Silence, and the firmament withdrew

  Single part of two


  Still moving sinews

  The dividing line

  The emptiness from which i fed

  The enemy

  The gallery

  The one brooding warning

  The poison well

  There in

  The same

  The sun fired blanks

  The treason wall

  The wonders at your feet

  Through ebony archways

  Tidal tantrum

  To a bitter halt


  Undo control

  Unfurled by dawn

  Vernal awakening

  Void of tranquillity

  White noise

  With the flaming shades of fall


  Zodijackyl light

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki