Teksty piosenek / D / Darkseed

  Above the edge of doom

  A charm for sound sleeping

  Atoned for cries


  Be ever heard

  Can't explain

  Can't find you

  Chariot wheels


  Cold under water

  Cosmic shining

  Counting moments

  Craft her spell

  Dancing with the lion



  Dream recalled on waking

  Dying land

  Echoes of tomorrow

  Every day

  Fall whatever falls

  Flying together

  Forever darkness

  Forever stay


  Frozen tears

  Give me light

  Hear me

  Hold me


  I deny you

  In broken images

  Journey to the spirit world

  Last dream

  Left alone


  Like to a silver bow

  Love's heavy burden


  Many wills

  My worldly task is done


  Night mislead


  Rain of revival

  Self pity sick


  Souls unite

  Spiral of mystery


  That kills my heart

  The bolt of cupid felt

  The sealing day

  Walk in me

  Watchful spirit's care

  Where will i go

  Winter noon

  You will come

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki